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the vip tour (4)
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  • For private and larger groups
    Our pick your own departure tour.
  • This tour require a minimum of 6 adult Guest booking as a group.
  • 2.5 – 3 hours with frequent stops

Adult : IDR 550.000
approx. USD 60.00
approx. Euro 50.00


If you a larger group then this guided group bike tour is probably the best fit for you.These bicycle tour provide the convenience of having everything individually planned out for you.What is possible? The short answer is “almost everything.”Please contact us to discuss your tour posibilities.

You will have also the option to choose for the whole group our “Monster Chicken Schnitzel” with fries and fresh garden salad or a BBQ for your lunch/dinner which is additional available.

What’s included

  • Biker’s breakfast (morning tour only) Red Velvet Waffles with condiments, coffee & tea.
  • English speaking expert cycling guide who will tell you everything you need to know about the history, environment and culture of the island.
  • Fat Tire Electric-Bicycles
  • Get accustomed with your e-bicycle
  • Security pack (Safety helmet and safety vest) to help you feel safe at all times
  • All bikes have dry bags for your valuables.
  • We can provide storage for no needed belongings while you are on the tour
  • Rain coat if necessary
  • Drinking bottled water throughout the Tour
  • A nature picnic break with refreshments & healthy snacks during the Tour (afternoon tour only)
  • Lunch/dinner a Monster Chicken Schnitzel with Fries and fresh garden salad. Optional a BBQ for the entire group.
  • Free flow of water and soft drinks during your lunch/dinner.
  • Shower facility
  • Clean female & male toilet at the home base
  • Pool usage if desired (on your own risk as not live guarded)
  • Relaxing in our Hammocks, Beanbag or at our Gazebo

Tour Detail

Starting Time
Pick your own time.
9 – 12 Km with frequent stops
Depends on the pace of the group. Plan on 2.5 – 3 hours
Ability Level
Depends on the route you choose, but participants should have riding experiance,
compfortable riding a bike and you should have a moderate level of fitness!
Depends on the route you choose, but easy to manage with an e-bike.

Please note:

Beach cycling activity maid be during high tide only partial or not at all possible and can be replaced with e.g. longer Rice paddies ride close to the Beach.This tour require a minimum of 6 adult Guest booking as a group.