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What are Fat Tire Electric-Bicycles?

Bali Fat Bike Cycling is offering you Fat Tire Electric – Bikes to make tours more leisurely and more difficult terrain manageable.
With their oversized tires which gives them an impressive traction, these bicycles can ride virtually anywhere.
The wide rubber, fatty tires are twice as wide as most mountain bike tires tread and adds notable grip on the ground, and the extra surface area does not allow the wheel to sink as much into soft surfaces.
Whether you’re riding sand, slick rock or even nud, these monster rides give you unprecedented traction and for this reason they’re much more responsive. They are truly compelling.
But the most important thing is that they are soooooo much fun to ride.
Electric fat tire bikes aren’t motorbikes or even mopeds – instead, they provide power on demand, responding to and complementing your pedaling speed and power. If you pedal hard, little battery power will be used. As you slow your pace, though, the electrical assistance kicks in and provides a welcome little boost! Our electric fat bikes provides you up to 150% of your own power with each pedal stroke and you’ll surely have more reward for your efforts.Our electric fat tire bikes give cyclists a helping hand – or push – to get them up and traverse easily over hills, soft sand, rocky terrain or to help them keep up with faster friends. Riding an e-Bike makes sure you don’t break a sweat when riding through nature.
There is an guaranteed comfort ensured by our e-bikes and an
immense feeling of freedom and relief, as riding e-bikes is not tiring at all
So if you don’t have the fitness level or confidence to take on a cycling tour with regular bikes, using an electric bike can help to make your active vacation a real pleasure.
All our fat tiere bikes are full sized 26" bikes and may be too tall for young children, altrough they can be adjusted.
The recomendet minimum hight is 145 cm to ride compfortable.